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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> we started getting phone calls from people demanding money back. >> fundraisers canceled and growing anger in a small town shattered by murder. the suspect a 12-year-old boy accused of killing his own sister. good evening. i'm ama dates. the shocking murder and arrest has shaken the calaveras community of valley springs. abc7 news reporter john alston is live outside where the girl was murdered. john? >> alma, the house where it happened is dark tonight. the fowler family is staying elsewhere. the 12-year-old brother is in custody awaiting a court hearing as well as the juvenile criminal justice
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system. there is a small and simple memorial across from the fowler home. the police and crime scene tape surrounding the house long gone. for two weeks, neighbors lived with a nagging fear that someone close to the family might be accused of killing eight-year-old leila fowler. >> it is always a possibility. everybody didn't want it to be that, although th alternative of a crazy killer is undesirable too, but no one would have believed it was possible. >> late saturday afternoon detectives arrested leila's 12-year-old brother after the killing and we are obscuring his face because he is a juvenile. pricilla rodriguez, the biological mother of both siblings talked about her 12-year-old son the day before he was arrested. >> i know my son has been protective of his sister. i don't know. >> the 12-year-old boy claimed he found his sister bleeding from stab wounds after an intruder got into their valley
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springs home two weeks ago. it lead to a massive manhunt, but authorities never found the tall man with long, gray hair whom the boy said he saw running from the house. the community rallied around the family holding a vigil and collecting money. but now after the sheriff announced the arrest of the brother, a spaghetti dinner fundraiser has been canceled and organizers telling abc7 news that some residents asked for their money back. >> immediately it turned to hurt and anger. people are angry we were going to continue to hold this thing. in our best interest we decided at this point in time we were going to not do it. >> however there is still a lot of sympathy for the fowlers. >> we feel sorry for the family. these poor people have lost two of their children. our hearts go out to them. our prayers go out to them. >> a neighbor says the family could make a statement in the coming days and once again tomorrow counselors will be available at local schools to
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help children and staff members cope with this latest devastating turn of events. john alston, abc news. >> thank you, john. leila was killed april 27th in her bedroom. her 12-year-old brother said he saw a man with long, gray hair in the home. on may 2nd a witness who said she saw a man leaving the home recan'ted her statement. on may 7th, leila was buried in a private ceremony and then police announced the arrest of her brother saying he will be charged with homicide. stay with abc7 news. we will have updates on our website and on abc7 morning news at 4:30 a.m. a beefed up manhunt continued in humboldt county for a suspected it triple murder suspect shane miller. miller is suspected it of -- suspect testified killing his wife and two daughters. then he disappeared into the woods. university of california police tonight are looking for who ever killed a man off
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campus. officers received calls early this morning about a possible shooting on grizzly peak boulevard. when they arrived on scene, they found a man outside a car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. there is growing speculation tonight about what caused an america's cup racing catamaran during a practice run last week. sky 7hd shows the wreckage. a sailor was trapped underneath and died. lilian kim is live at america's cup headquarters in san francisco with the latest on the investigation. lilian? >> reporter: ama, organizers of the america's cup haven't yet launched speculation, but speculation is mounting that the catamaran capsized as a result of a structural flaw. all is quiet at the racing team headquarters in alameda. but there is a lot of talk about what caused the cat catamaran to capsize during a practice run in san francisco bay. many speculate the root of the problem may have been a flaw in the boat's carbon body. kimble livingston is an author
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and journalist who has been covering sailing for decades. >> the boat broke up. a catamaran ought to be able to capsize without breaking up. >> andrew bart simpson from the uk died in the accident. and since his death, none of the sailors have spoken about what happened. the father of one of the sailors told an australian newspaper that his son heard a loud cracking noise before the catamaran snapped in half. it suggested that one of the cross beams connecting the two floats broke. he is president of the bay area multi hull association. >> carbon when it fails like a glass window when you over load it it shatters and breaks. and the carbon fiber when it fails it does the same thing. >> organizers of the america's cup say it is premature what happened. the organization's regatta director is organizing a panel of experts that will investigate the accident. the panel is expected to be announced on tuesday. >> we need to understand how did the capsize happen. theorie.
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some different theories conflict with each other. we need to find the facts and that's what we are focused on right now. >> reporter: and that panel will consist of three to four people and experts in various specialties. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. firefighters rescued a man who fell off a cliff in santa cruz. the man lost consciousness after he fell down a 15-foot cliff. he rigged an aerial ladder and he was taken by air ambulance to stanford medical center. the golden state warriors won a great playoff game today in oakland. >> they were along exhausted -- they were a little exhausted and a little old. my voice is gone, but i am a true warrior fan. you know what, win or lose we will be warrior fans. >> excited fans poured out of oracle arena after the game.
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they are sure the warriors will advance. and the series is now tied two and two right now. game five is underway -- actually game five is tuesday in texas. mike shumann will have all of the highlights in sports. warriors were sending us photos like this. we want to see your pride in both bay area teams. e-mail your warrior and shark fan photos to us at you report at it is time to get a check on our weather as we head into monday and the workweek. leigh? >> the low clouds and fog will greet you tomorrow morning, and by tomorrow afternoon it is going to be so much cooler. live doppler 7hd is showing you the low clouds and making its way through the golden gate bridge and heading toward the bay there in the east bay. check out the highs today. 83 was the high in santa rosa and santa rosa 62 and 88 in livermore. a beautiful shot looking toward the bay bridge there
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from san francisco. right now san francisco 53 and we had 59 in san jose and santa cruz is 57 degrees. a cooling trend in store for the bay area. look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast shortly. >> leigh, thank you. tonight witnesses are belong urged to come forward following a mother's day parade shooting in new orleans. it wounded 19 people. it happened in the seventh ward not far from the french quarter. this is cell phone video taken after the shooting. three people were seen running away. the fbi call it a flare up of street violence. in developing news, for the first time in 10 years, three women held captive in a house in ohio are with family and loved ones on mother's day. this is cell phone video of part of the dramatic rescue last monday. the woman who took the video thought she was being pulled over by authorities. >> police, detective, ambulance came out of no where. >> two of the women are spending time with their family and the third, michelle knight, simply says she is happy and safe. one of the two brothers of
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suspect ariel castro insisted he had no idea what was going on in his sibling's home. >> could never think of doing anything like that. if i knew i would have reported it. brother or no brother. >> ariel castro is in jail on $8 million bail accused of kidnapping and rape. a true icon of network news says 2014 will be her last year on air. barbara walters will announce retirement tomorrow on "the view." walters has been with abc news since 1976 when she became the first female to co anchor a network news program. you can watch the announcement tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. on "the view" and then coming up later this hour a look at walters' long career. still to come, homes in peril. the search for the cause of norlg northern california homes sinking into the earth. >> i felt his heartbeat and it
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was the greatest moment of my life. >> what this mom did that saved a boy's life. ♪
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damage in a home in lake county that is coming apart as the ground underneath is shifting. we have been following the developing news threatening 30 homes. eight families have left their home and 10 more receiving imminent evacuation notices including this homeowner.
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>> no more bedrooms. no floor at all. >> the ground is shifting because water is pushing upward through the hill. city officials aren't sure why it is happening though it could be because the land is on a dormant volcano. mail service in the area has been stopped. residents along one lake in minnesota moved toward higher ground after an ice tsunami zeroed in on their home. you can see how quickly it moves in this video. it is an ice heave or ice shove. it packs enough punch to break windows and knockdown doors and even topple walls. cellulite is a problem for many women because diet has no affect on it. carolyn johnson found new technologies are now offering options. >> these procedures work under the skin. they use lasers to sever tissue and melt fat. it is in an effort to smooth out the dimples and bumps associated with cell you light.
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the woman in this waiting room doesn't want to reveal her identity because of a cosmetic problem. but it is so common it will affect a majority of women in their lifetime. >> the cellulite i have in my thighs and it is embarrassing to wear certain clothing. >> cellulite is characterized by the cottage cheese-like dimpling in the skin. exercise and diet have little affect because the cause is actually not just the fatty tissue itself. >> cellulite appears because the skin is being pulled down by tethering bands of connective tissue at the same time there are pockets of fat that bulge outward. >> the condition used to be considered untreatable. but today he will smooth the mattress-like dimpling with cell u-smooth. >> we will be doing a couple of things. >> it works by incorporating verying levels of heat delivered in different ways. the first seen in this animation provided by the manufacturer employs a burst
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of energy that is at the timerring it to the muscle's layer. once the tethers are broken the laser is reset into a melting mode delivering heat for longer duration. >> we pass the laser under the skin and it heats up and melts some of the fat. >> in a third step the laser is passed closer to the skin to agitate the collagen layer and produce a tightening affect. these before and after photos supplied shows the smoothing affect several months after treatment. >> and the most important thing those results are both real and they last. >> despite the price tag of $4,000 to $7,000, the patient in this procedure is hoping the improvement will allow her to wear clothes that show off more of her legs. >> i am not looking for perfection. i jus want to be able to wear a nice pair of shorts that go maybe above my knees. >> cellu-smooth is one of two technologies on the market.
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the other is called cellulase and employs a laser system and both promise long-lasting results. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. mother's day sell -- celebrates mom everywhere and a mom in new jersey is being celebrated for her hair heroism. she jumped into action at a baseball game. the ball hit a player and the eight-year-old collapsed and his heart stopped. she performed cpr on the boy. >> about the fourth time i did the compressions i did the mouth to mouth and puff of air and he coughed and started spiting up. i turned him over and he was back and breathing. i felt his heartbeat which was the the greatest moment of my life jie. last month two off duty paramedics revived an eight-year-old who was hit in the chest by a pitch at a cal ripken league game. leigh glaser is here and she is checking on our weather into the workweek. >> it includes low clouds and fog and maybe even a litt
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live doppler 7hd picking up on a little of the low cloudiness and a bit of fog developed near the coast. we are going to see a westerly wind component. a pretty strong one develop tonight and tomorrow and it will help push all of that low cloudiness inland overnight this evening. here is a live look from our high definition rooftop cam and looking toward the bay bridge. san francisco is 53 and 56 in mountain view and half moon bay at 52 degrees. i have another great shot for you coming up in just a second. there we go. you can see the low clouds from the sutro cam starting to move over the city of san francisco. when i say overcast tomorrow morning, this is exactly what we are talk about. nasa 57 and 61 livermore and los gatos right now 62 degrees. i have already told you about the low clouds overnight. but our forecast headlines include quite a breeze tomorrow afternoon. cooler temperatures for us all.
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it does look like the next five to seven days will be dry. the lows tonight in the 50s. 52 in the north bay of santa rosa. compare that to coast side half moon bay, 49 and 55 expected out toward livermore. the set up for the next few days, the high pressure brought us a terrific weekend. the temperatures are climbing today in the 80sand even some low 90s in the interior east bay. this high is going to weaken and allow this very weak cold front and actually the tail end to swing close to the bay area tomorrow. as it does so the northwesterly winds will pick up and expect gusts near the coast. 20 to 25 miles per hour, and that is definitely going to help usher in a cooler air mass for the bay area. low clouds and fog will sit coast side. the temperatures will come down tomorrow. in fact, here is a look at some cities around the bay. expected high 74 and morgan rnn in san francisco,grees.
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yes, you will need the jacket. 65 will be the high with low clouds and also some sun breaks. 75 san rafael and the east bay shoreline, hayward69 and 70 for oakland. in the interior east bay communities, no 90s tomorrow, but we will shave some numbers off, mid to low 80s, brentwood 84 and 81 in concord and 82 in pleasanton. a typical summertime weather pattern expected across the bay area the next seven days or so. the coastal clouds on tuesday and wednesday, and then we will start to drop things down a little bit as we head into thursday and friday and into the 70s and warm things up next weekend. >> looks nice. thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports and back from the warriors' game. >> the warriors will not go away forcing over time with the spurs. and the entire team is getting involved. what a win and
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is it just me or are the warriors a team of destiny?
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the spurs had them on the ropes and steph curry was hurt, but it was the team and they have each other's backs. he stepped up and curry is not at 100%. he is playing on the tender left ankle. 14 in the first half and five of ten from beyond the arc. warriors shot just 30% from the field in the first half. harrison barnes with a two handed flush. down eight at the break. the heat is up in the second. a little left hand off the glass. 10 points in the third quarter for steph and they regain the lead 57-56. san antonio opens the fourth with a 10-0 run. parker is not as fast. the easy lay in and spurs up 6. barnes with a huge game. a bucket and a foul. three-point play and they take another look. he isotic. klay thompson styling much of the game. the huge bucket with 30 seconds to go and ties the game at 84.
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all warriors warriors and he lead with 10 bs and up six. then the dagger and drives and lay itself in. the warriors win by 10 and tie the series at two. game 5 in san antonio on tuesday. >> that's who the team is. it is not just me out there. we have guys sacrificing their body. we have guys making plays on the other side. we are a strong team from top to bottom. >> i have been talking about this group all year long. i am just so glad that the national tv audience had an opportunity to see exactly what has been taking place in this area. a bunch of warriors, no public public -- no pun intended. >> we won't give up. this team will continue to fight and continue to fight. this team never gave up. >> harrison was the one on the right. the sharks now know who they
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will face in the second round. and the giants are loving that home cooking. they take three of four from the braves with a mother's day ñjñ9ñy"it
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the giants love them some home cooking. the g men end a 10-game home stand thanks to tim lincecum and pablo sandoval. a lot of moms wearing pink at the ballpark. sandoval, the panda, launches one to right. that's gonna be wet. solo shot and the panda's 6th of the year. giants on top 2-0. tim lincecum looked like his old self. two hits and walked three and struck out seven for the third win of the season. they go 7 and 3 and the home stand and 5-1 your final. a's in seattle and the catcher wearing pink cleats on mother's day. tommy malone in the first and morales and that's out of here. 3-1 jack and mariners are up. five runs in five innings of
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work. he takes blevins deep. they go on to win is 6-1. they lost six of the last seven and will host texas tomorrow night. let's tee it up at the players' championship. garcia couldn't keep his ball dry and winning for the first time since 2001. tied for the lead head nooght final round. on 16, almost drops it. he would tap in from birdie and gives himself a two-shot lead. sergio tied with tyinger and hits his first in the water and then decides to hit his third from the tee instead of the drop area. and that goes in the drink. a quadruple bogey 7. with his new girlfriend lindsey vonn looking on, tiger taps in for par to win a 78th title. 1.7 million for effort. the seconds time he has won on mother's day. to the ice and red wings and ducks and game seven and first period. shorthanded and 5-5.
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his second goal of the series. red wings win it 3-2 and they will face the los angeles kings in the second round and detroit faces chicago. the sharks were 2-2 against the kings and the series will be easier with less travel. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, one on one with harrison barnes. stick around. >> thank you, shu. bracing for a political firestorm. what the irs did that has republicans in a frenzy. and need help with your finances? the one person you should go to for help. that's coming up. and why is cal trans spending millions of dollars to re
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good evening.
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, feelings of anger are mixed with shock in valley springs. police arrested the 12-year-old brother of leila fowler in connection with her stabbing death. many people who gave at fundraisers for the family now want their money back. and now it appears a structural flaw may have contributed to the capsizing of a catamaran. they reported hearing a loud crack before snapping in two. it could mean one of the cross beams connecting the two floats broke. 30 homes are now threatened by shifting ground in the lake county town of lake port. 8 families have evacuated and 10 more should be ready to move at any moment. the ground is shifting because water is pushing upward through a hill. she has been the face and the voice for abc for a longtime, and now barbara walters is about to retire. marcy gonzalez reports on when the official announcement will be made and a look back at her long career. >> abc news legend barbara walters is retiring.
11:36 pm
walters will make the announcement monday on "the view." she will continue on "the view yts and ab --" the view" and abc news specials throughout the year and retire in 2014. she has arguably interviewed more states men and stars than any other journalist in history including every american president and first lady since richard nixon. >> are you sorry you didn't burn the tapes? >> yes, i think so. >> through the years she has interest viewed countless -- interviewed countless including fidel castro, muammar qaddafi and saddam hussein. she conducted an interview with syria's embattled president and in 1999 the first interview with monica lewinski which was the highest rated news program ever broadcast by a single network. walters is the creator and co-host of the daytime show "the view." she hosted the abc news manage show "20/20" for 25 years. she joined abc news in 1976 as the first woman to co-host a
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network news program. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> you can watch the announcement tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. on "the view." a president are is due out this -- a report is due out about what the top irs officials knew about the targeting of conservative groups during the 2012 presidential election. the targeting centered on questioning the tax exempt at that time toc of political groups. they blame them foregoing after the tea party. they say they knew about them as early as 2011. a congressional committee chair wants to hear from the authors of a report that criticize security at the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya. one of the authors, thomas pickerring, doesn't blame secretary of state hillary clinton for the attack. they say bad decisions were made by the lower ranking officials. californians just began playing powerball a month ago
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and now one player in petaluma is a little richer. the shell station on petaluma boulevard north sold the particular wet worth $573,000. it is one of three sold that match five of the six winning numbers. the next is on wednesday and it is worth $350 million. if you need help figuring out your money even if you don't have that quite much, talk to mom. a new study finds that mothers have more success in talking to their adult children about financial planning than fathers. the fidelity study found mothers communicate better and tend to take on the role of the empathizer while fathers are are month praying gnat particular. pragmatic. 25 homeless mothers enjoyed the royal treatment. they held the 19th annual mother's day brunch on top of the sir francis drake hotel. they received free makeovers and hair styling before riding a motorized cable car. a group of drag queens put on a special show for the moms
11:39 pm
during brunch. >> it is over the top. it is paparazzi day for us. it is nice. >> it makes me feel awesome and like a star. it is a once in a lifetime chance to be a star. >> friday organizers arranged for the children from the hamilton family shelter to enjoy a few hours of games and fun at yes, sir bough by -- ye rba-buena gardens . what could affect your commute in the coming weeks. and easing traffic in a community without heavy traffic. where the money is going and why when we return. >> and today we had temperatures in the 80s and 90s. a cool down expected tomorrow. we will look at my accu-weather seven-day accu-weather seven-day 6ñzs
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parts of san francisco's the pro presidio will be closed. they will shutdown northbound highway 1 to the 101 junction. crews will dismantle the old doyle drive. if you live in the bay area you know thousands of cars are backed up day after day. many of those communities can make good use of $200 million of taxpayer money to improve their highways.
11:43 pm
as heather ishimaru tells us, the money is going north to a little town where traffic is actually going down. >> angry protests. >> you are threatening our community. >> tree sitters, senior citizens waiting to be arrested. this is a quiet town and at odds of a massive highway boy bye pass that will cost $-- bypass that will cost $210 million. >> it is a shame to put this much money into a project that is not necessary. >> it is 135 miles north of san francisco on highway 101. the major route through mendocino county and north to eureka. just south, 101 is a four-lane freeway. when it comes into town, won 01 01 -- street with five traffic lights. cal trans wants to build a freeway. >> to improve the traffic along 101. 101 is an important corridor for commerce and for just
11:44 pm
people going on vacation. >> after two decades of planning cal trans is starting to cut trees and put up fences along the construction area. the plan calls for a four-lane freeway six miles long. only two built in the first phase. but the crews will clear a road bed wide enough for four lanes. environmentalists are suing saying a much smaller project could do the job with less damage. >> it can involve cutting down hundred year old oak trees with acres and acres of wet lands and threatened salmon and steel heads. >> the impact is so significant that cal trans is rare required to do $50 million of improvements t.o. come pen -- to compensate. cal trans is standing by it. the case goes to trial next month. in the meantime, critics are asking a more basic question, does willitz need a bypass? cal trans says yes and they have most of the money for the first phase. >> the actual construction
11:45 pm
costs $136 million are funded by proposition 1b which is for congestion relief. it could go to willitz, but could go to any congested spot in the state. it will be paid back with your tax dollars with interest, so what will you be getting for your money? >> this is the major problem area, south willitz where traffic backs up. cal trans predicted traffic would increase, but their own figures show traffic as actually going down. even show the cay cal trans expoax -- the cal trans spokesman says they need a four-lane freeway. >> building it which is obsolete. >> we asked to see the growth numbers that justify findings, but cal trans could not produce them. they have documents showing 70% of the traffic is local.
11:46 pm
that means most of the cars would not use the new highway bypass. to get an idea of who would drive on the bypass, take a look at these photos from cal trans' own traffic cameras on the 101 north of town. cal tran's data shows most of the vehicles are driving through willits. so this is closer to the level of traffic expected on the bypass. the photos are taken once an hour. we recorded them for a week. many showed no cars at all. or there were one or two vehicles. but cal trans says it is hard to get a true understanding of traffic with still pictures. >> especially on a two-lane facility. traffic tends to get bunched up behind the slower moving vehicles. >> actually we did see that once. many locals tell us these photos are a good indicator of traffic most days. >> paving paradise and putting up an empty concrete freeway.
11:47 pm
>> plenty of people in willits do want the bypass including the city councilmember, owner of a local saw mill. >> it is not the perfect project, but it will be an improvement to the safety of downtown jie. but opponents don't plan to give up. >> you have a lot of congestion that you can use the money from this bypass to fix. >> heather ishimaru, abc news. >> and now for one final check of the weather. >> and we are showing you a little low cloudiness near the coast, and that is what will greet you tomorrow morning for the monday commutes. folks, if you have to fly tomorrow, i'm telling you it is a terrific day. it is not a lot of moisture out there. you may see a few sprinkles, 58, 59 atlanta and 88 dallas. plenty of sunshine there. 102 for phoenix and even across our state temperatures have climbing toward palm springs. 108-87. lots of sunshine for los angeles. 98 for fresno.
11:48 pm
by the way, fresno had a record high today of 101. lake tahoe a mixture of sun and clouds, 72 degrees. here is my accu-weather seven-day forecast. the bay area looks for a drop in the temperatures tomorrow. breezy and cooler. 80s inland and sifts around the bay and 50s at the coast. and then we will go with some breezy afternoons to continue tuesday, wednesday and through thursday. friday looks like it will be the coolest work day -- day of the workweek with the daytime highs in land in the 70s. 60s around the bay and 50 tees coast and then we will warm things up saturday and sunday for you. don't forget that mike niko will be here 4:30 to 7:00 on the morning news. >> thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports. it was a big game for a youngster on the warriors. you say that for so many youngsters. >> what i was doing a the 20 years old -- we don't want to go there. it is more amazing what harrison barnes does. mom in the house and we will go one on one with
11:49 pm
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11:51 pm
well, the warriors pulled off another miracle today. they seem to be the team of destiny. the spurs had them on the ropes until harrison barnes stepped up. curry finding about 80% on that bad left ankle. 14 points in the first half.
11:52 pm
it is draining three's. he had 21 in the game. harrison barnes had a two-handed flush. they were down eight at the break. and curry six points in the first half and heating up in the second. lefty off the glass and 10 points in the third quarter and the warriors regained the lead. 57-56. san antonio opens the floor and a 10-0 run. a splitter for the easy lay in. barnes with a huge game. the bucket and the foul. a three-p oi nt play for barnes. he is so athletic. klay thompson and a huge bucket with 30 seconds left and tie itself at 84. 26 points and 10 boards and up six. steph curry with a dagger and drives and lays it in. he had 22 despite the bad ankle. warriors win it and ties the series at two. game five in san antonio on tuesday. afterwards i asked barnes about the best performance of
11:53 pm
his pro career. >> i just want to get a win. the biggest thing for us is to keep exerting effort and fighting to the end. we did that. >> when they were struggling earlier on, did you feel you had to take owe nuss on the offensive side? take the onus on the offensive side? >> i was trying to give this team what ever it needed. >> and i have been talking to everybody and this was the epitomy of the warriors. some guys are on the bench with fouls and somebody else steps up. that's what this team is about. everybody has each other's backs. >> it is belief. we all believe in each other and we believe we can get whatever task we can put our mind to accomplish. >> did you feel early on you had it going? >> i wanted to continue to play and continue to not worry about the division and just look at the scoreboard. >> it had to be special having your mom here on mother's day to watch you have the game of your life in a playoff.
11:54 pm
>> it meant a lot just to have her here. she supported me so many times and to do it on mother's day meant a lot. >> game five in san antonio. you came out quick and a fast start in both games. looking to do the same on tuesday night? >> we know we have to be ready. we have to stick to the game plan jie. making his mother proud. teeing it up at the players' championship. sergio garcia couldn't stay out of the water and tiger took advantage and winning this event for the first time since 2001. tiger tied for the lead heading into the final round. woods shot a two under 70. almost drops it in. taps in for a birdie and he has a two-shot lead. sergio tied with tiger and hit his first in the water and then decides to hit his third shot and it goes in. 5* quadruple bogey seven with his new girlfriend lindsey vonn looking on. he wins his 78th career title and fourth this season.
11:55 pm
1.7 million for his efforts. the second time he has won on mother's day. >> i thought the tournament was at 15. i tugged the nine iron left and had a decent line. i played the last four holes under par. i thought at worse i would be in a playoff. i ended up actually wining a golf tournament. >> he's back. giants love the home cooking. they win it thanks in part to tim lincecum and the panda. a lot of moms are wearing the pink at the ballpark. pablo sandoval and launches this one to right. that is gonna get wet. the panda's 6th of the year and giants up 2-0 and the kayaks are back in action. tim lincecum looked like old self. his third win of the season. giants take three of four from the braves.
11:56 pm
a's are in seattle and he is sporting the pink cleats. morales with a three-run jack. 3-0 and malone allowed five runs in five innings of work. he takes him deep to center. the mariners go on to win it and the a's lost six of the last seven. they host texas tomorrow night. to the ice and the red wings and the ducks and game seven and the wings forward and justin shorthanded goal and they win it 3-2. that means the sharks will face the los angeles kings in the second round of the -- while detroit heads to chicago. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. it is down to a two out of three for the warriors. usually who wins game five will win the series. they will be back for game six on thursday. >> thank you so much, shu. and you can show your warrior pride by posting this go warrior badge to your facebook
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page. get the badge at news. >> that's it for this edition. the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. for all of us here, thank you for joining us. have a great night and a have a great night and a wonder there are two kinds of fs who sit around thinking about
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